Petes road repairs ‘the best thing ever’

Breitbart News article On Monday, April 1, 2018, two men from the Philippines, Pampanga City Councilor Marcos de la Cruz and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, went on a road repair mission with two volunteers.

The Philippine road repair agency, DOT-CAM, is not affiliated with the Duterte administration and has no ties to the administration, nor with Duterte’s campaign for president.

According to DOT-A, the two men “discovered the problem of the roads being so poor, which was caused by the fact that the roads had been destroyed by landslides, landslides caused by hurricanes, floods, and floods, that the country was in the process of recovering from, and that it was not the time to repair the roads.”

While DOT-B is not a government agency, the DOT-M has been tasked with implementing the country’s road network.

It has a number of branches, each with different functions, and all work on roads and bridges in the country is conducted by DOT-S.

The Philippines has a population of more than three billion people, and it has some of the worst roads in the world, according to DOT.

The country also has a lot of landlocked areas.

For years, DOT has been pushing for the country to invest in better roads, and to expand its roads network.

However, DOT’s mandate to “rebuild roads in accordance with the best of national standards” was a bone of contention with some stakeholders, including Duterte’s supporters, and some politicians in the Philippines.

“The DOT-R is the best thing that ever happened to us, because the roads are so bad, and we had so many landslides,” de la Rosa said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“So, we said to ourselves, we better fix this problem and improve the roads so we can be able to rebuild roads.

So, we put together a team of 20 volunteers.

The team was from the Pampangas and from the city of Pampagay, and they repaired the roads.

It was amazing because it was a great effort, it was good for the city, it made it better.”

Duterte, who has called for the construction of a new highway connecting Manila and Davao, has been a vocal critic of DOT.

In September, the Duterte government imposed a toll on the tollway between Manila and the island of Luzon in an effort to boost the economy.

However a series of recent toll hikes have made it difficult for drivers to travel.

Duterte has also promised to build a new road that would be the world’s longest.

He announced his intentions on the campaign trail in December 2016, but it was months before he had concrete plans for the project.

On Tuesday, the Philippine National Highway Authority (PNHA) unveiled a list of 15 priorities that would go before the Philippine government in the coming months, including a toll road that will run from Davao to Quezon City, as well as road upgrades in the areas around Manila and Quezon.

The road will have a total length of 7,800 kilometers (5,000 miles) and will be the longest in the entire Philippines.

According the PNHA, the road will run along the countrys main roads from Pampangan, to Davao.

It will also have toll lanes along its route.

The project will cost about P20 billion.

The DOT will build the road from Quezon to Davadaga and then along the Pangasinan-Davao-Marianas Oriental Highway (M/OH), which is already in operation.

DOT officials say they are working on finalizing the design and funding, but the initial budget for the road is P1.6 billion.

“We hope the government will make this a priority for the Philippines,” De la Rosa added.

The PNHE has a mandate to rebuild the country and build roads.

However there are some obstacles.

The PNP will be tasked with making a few adjustments to the toll roads, as DOT has the authority to fix or change roadways that do not meet the standards of national highway construction, the PNP said in a statement.

The Duterte administration has criticized DOT’s work in the past, and has demanded more money for DOT’s road projects.

For example, DOT was unable to meet DOT’s deadline to replace the damaged toll road near Davao in 2016.

According a DOT official, the number of landslides that have damaged the toll road in the last several years is increasing.

De la Santos said DOT has to fix these landslides to prevent the country from reverting to the old way of life.DOT officials say the road repairs are a huge step in improving the country.

“The PNP and DOT are going to fix this road and they will also go out and do a lot more, because this is a huge project and a big undertaking,” De La Santos said.