How to repair an Instant Road Repair at your home

When you call a home repair shop to fix an instant road repair that’s gone bad, you may be surprised to learn that the job usually involves getting the car out of the driveway.

“I had no idea that I was going to be doing it for free,” said Kelly McDaniel, whose son was driving her SUV when it ran out of gas and slammed into the wall of a nearby driveway.

The owner of the home had paid $8,000 for the repair.

“They’re always like, ‘Oh, you’ll be able to get it fixed tomorrow.'”

McDaniel said she has no insurance and it was her job to pay for the repairs.

“That was kind of frustrating because I wanted to do it myself.”

The cost of a roadside road repair can vary by region, with some estimates putting the cost of repairs at about $500 for the first one.

In Georgia, for example, the repair would cost about $1,000 to $1.50 per mile.

“The average time it takes is about 15 minutes, and it’s a really small amount of time,” McDaniel said.

“I think it’s good that we can have that kind of a system where we can get this done right away.”

When it came time to repair the vehicle, McDaniel’s son called the repair shop and got his money refunded.

The dealership didn’t seem to care, McBride said, because the repair was done within the first 30 minutes.

But not everyone is happy with the repair process.

“This is the most expensive thing I’ve ever done,” McBride told

“The fact that they were able to charge me for a repair that was so simple and easy, that it’s like, OK, we can fix it, is ridiculous.”

McBride said she called the dealership after the repairs, but they said the dealership would pay for it.

“There was no refund,” McBridge said.

“We were hoping that they would reimburse us for our car, but then they wouldn’t,” she added.

McBride has filed a complaint with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.