‘You are not going to be able to save them’: A look at the Escambia Road Repair project

When I was working on a new road in Escambium I discovered that there was a very good chance that it would never be repaired.

There are some roads where this is a possibility and I was fortunate enough to be working with some of the people who were in charge of these projects.

But there is a real risk that the road will never be fixed because the local authorities and contractors are not ready to do the job.

In the past we have seen this in parts of the United States.

I remember seeing the damage to a bridge in Kansas and the need to repair it.

In some cases, a lot of the road is in poor condition and it is extremely challenging to make it work.

A lot of people will say that they can’t fix a road because there is too much traffic and there are too many trucks.

But it is not just that there is traffic.

There is also a lack of funding.

Many road projects in the United Kingdom are funded by the government.

It is very difficult to raise funds from people who do not have any idea about how to do road repairs and that is why so many projects are never completed.

The Escambias road is a very unique project in terms of its importance and the fact that it is a major city.

There were a lot more roads that were built in the past that had to be repaired and there were very few that were in poor state.

So the Escamelas road is very unique.

When we first started working on the road in 2009, it was very difficult because we had to get the contractors to fix the road, the road maintenance staff to do it and then the road construction workers to do some of its work.

But we were able to get them to do all of the work because of the strong political support that was provided by the local communities and we have been working with them for the past 12 years.

As we have done the repairs and we are now going to finish it up in 2019, I am very confident that we can finish it.

We have done all of our work in the last 12 years and I am really confident that it will be completed in the future.

There will be no delays in the completion of the project.

And as we are finishing it up, I will be visiting the area of the site to see the progress that we have made in the repair of the local road and the work that has been done in the area around the site.

And of course, we will be working on other roads that are more remote.

We are planning to go there in 2021 to finish up the work.

What is the future of Escamela Road?

We are working on Escamelia Road now and we want to finish the repairs that we are doing.

We will have a detailed report from that report in 2021.

We hope that it should be ready for the next round of the regeneration of Escambleas roads.

What we are working with local communities on is to get as much as we can of their input and give them a little bit of information to help us do the repairs.

So, when we finish the repair work, we would like to give them an update.

But as far as I know, the local community is not yet fully informed about the progress.

And the government is not really aware of the progress we are making in the repairs to the road.

So we have to wait and see.

It will take time to get to a point where the Escambles roads are ready for normal use.

If there are any issues with the road that we want us to take care of, we can then work with them.

If they have any concerns about the work we are taking, we are ready to talk about it with them and we will work with you to make sure that the repair is completed as soon as possible.

And I am sure that once we get there, the Escamaras roads will be in good condition and safe to use.

The project is funded through the government’s Road Repair Programme.

So what happens if I want to visit the site?

If you want to see a work that is being done on Escambalas Road, you can go and see the work, if you are a local resident.

You can also come and visit the work site.

But please note that the work is on a local road so it is very important that you respect local roads and respect the local environment.

And please do not disturb the site of the works that are being done.

So please be respectful of the land.

There might be issues with some areas of the area that we might not have the right to do certain things on and we would want to respect that.

If you see any issues or if you have any questions about this project, please do ask us at the project website.

Thank you.

And now I want you to follow this video on how to get started on