What to do if you get a road culverie repair

TEXAS (Reuters) – A road culvers repair worker in Texas is accused of sexually abusing three girls, including a young girl who was 13 years old, authorities said on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Department of Public Safety said that the worker, identified only as Kevin in the statement, was charged with four counts of sexual exploitation and one count of kidnapping for allegedly sexually abusing the victims between 2009 and 2012.

The worker is currently being held without bond in the Travis County Jail on the charges, the statement said.

The allegations against Kevin were first reported by a local newspaper.

The statement said that in the weeks before the alleged crimes, the worker had repeatedly contacted the victims, including by text messages, calling them from his home in a rural area near Travis County, the Texas Department of Transportation said.

He has denied all the allegations, the agency said.

A DPS spokeswoman said the agency did not have more details about the alleged victim, but said it would cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating the case.

The agency did say it was investigating other cases of similar allegations against the same man in other states, and it was reviewing all cases involving road culverts and road repairs.

It’s the latest scandal to hit Texas’ aging infrastructure, which has been plagued by delays and underfunding.

The state is facing a budget crisis, a backlog of $1.1 billion in repairs and the growing threat of flooding that could lead to more than $1 billion of damage.