State Road Repair Project, in partnership with activist group, proposes reforms

The Massachusetts state road repair agency wants to replace the roads that lead to the state Capitol with new bridges and other structures.

MassRoads is one of several organizations that have been working to improve roads in Massachusetts, but the group is working on its own.

Massroads is partnering with the MassRoads Foundation, which works to upgrade roads.

Massport officials say they will work with the group to make the repairs.

The MassRoadS Foundation has been working on roads for a number of years.

It is an independent nonprofit group, with a focus on improving roads in the state, and they are hoping to build a new bridge.

The group says the project would be funded through an $8.3 million federal grant.

We’re working on a new road to replace a highway that is in disrepair.

And we’ve got a whole bunch of new structures.

This is a long-term plan to get our roads in good shape and get them on the road that people need to be able to use.

We have a whole range of things we’re working towards.

We want to create a system that can sustain this infrastructure.

We want to have some kind of revenue stream for roads and bridge maintenance.

We also want to be a part of this.

We just think that this is a good thing that we can do.

We’re not against infrastructure at all.

We think it’s very important for the future of our state.

Massachusetts is in the midst of a public works and repair effort after several deadly flooding events.

In January, a storm knocked out power to nearly half of the state’s power grid.