Caliche road repair diagrams, road culvert and mud patch

The Caliche Road has been closed since mid-January for repairs after a road culver was broken.

Key points:The road has been reopened after a culvert was broken, but the road remains closedThe Caliche Roads Authority said road culverts and mud patches are being cleaned up after damageThe road remains open after a waterway culvert broke, but remains closedRoad culverts have been cleaned up and water is being diverted to the affected roadA road culster has been broken in Caliche and waterway mud patches have been removed to help the water flow out of the damaged area.

The Calicoa Waterway Authority (CWA) said the road was closed for three days.

“It’s a very important and challenging operation.

The water can’t move, so it has to be moved through an underground pipeline and it’s a complex operation, so we need your help to keep it flowing,” CWA Regional Director Paul White said.

The road was also closed for the rest of the day, as part of the same process.

“We’re doing a massive amount of work to try and get it up to speed again,” Mr White said, adding it was also important for the waterway to stay open for longer.

Road culvert removal operationThe CWA said road repairs were taking place at a number of locations, including a number near the Caliche River, which is in the region’s western section.

The CBA said water from the river was being diverted into the area, while water was being transported to the Calico River for treatment.

The authority said that water was expected to flow back into the Calicola River by Wednesday morning.CAA spokesman Peter Maclean said the water treatment plant at the Calice Waterworks would be open for the next two weeks to allow for water to move to the area.

“The Calicolas are a major waterway, and they are an important source of water for the area,” Mr Maclean told ABC Radio Perth.

“They have some significant water quality issues, and the water from those areas will be piped through to the waterworks.”‘

Not a good sign’For the road, the CBA is currently assessing the extent of the damage and is working with the CWA and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) to determine the best course of action.

“Once that’s done, we will have a final report,” Mr Mclean said.

“Then we’ll be in a position to put the work in place to restore the road to a safe and secure state.”‘

This is an area of our landscape where people are concerned’Caliche is in Perth’s western region, where the CWS has been managing the water system.

It is a major part of Perth’s water supply.

“There is a water management area, and we’re a water user,” Mr McLennan said.

He said the CAA had been working with state and federal authorities to assess the water quality and the amount of water flowing into the region.

“This is not a good day for Caliche, but I think that it’s an area where people can really feel the impact of this and the impact it has on their lives,” he said.

Mr Maclean urged residents in the area to remain vigilant and stay safe.

“People should not drive down the roads,” he added.

“If you do drive down them, please stay off the road.”

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