GOP senator calls on FBI to investigate Clinton over email scandal

A U.S. senator from Vermont has called for the FBI to look into allegations that Hillary Clinton violated the Hatch Act by using a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

Republican Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont said Wednesday that the FBI should conduct an investigation into whether the former secretary of State had violated the law, citing her role in creating a government-funded private email system.

In a letter sent Wednesday to FBI Director James Comey, Leahy said he should provide an explanation by Feb. 1.

The letter was also signed by seven other Senate Democrats, including Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Leahy said the FBI has been “sickened by what seems to be the Clinton Foundation’s deliberate and systemic mishandling of classified information.”

“These actions may have cost our country’s national security,” Leahy wrote.

“I have serious concerns about whether Secretary Clinton violated any laws and that she would have been held to account for her actions if she had been elected President.”

The FBI has said it is still reviewing the emails.

In recent months, Clinton has faced criticism for her use of a private server, which she said was used for work-related emails.

She also faced questions about her personal email server after the State Department revealed the existence of the server.

Clinton’s email use during her tenure as secretary was one of the main topics of intense scrutiny during the 2016 election.

She received a barrage of emails from donors and donors to her 2008 presidential campaign, including those that contained classified information.

A group of lawmakers sent a letter to Comey last month demanding answers to the questions surrounding the Clinton email server and a criminal investigation into Clinton’s use of private email servers.

Lehay said that he had been “horrified” by what he said was the Clinton foundation’s deliberate or systemic mishandles of classified material.

“I have no doubt that Secretary Clinton’s actions were dangerous and unethical, but I believe the FBI is the only agency capable of conducting a thorough investigation and getting to the bottom of the issue,” Leahys letter said.