Montana’s highway repair audit gets underway

Montana’s Highway Department is preparing to start the process of getting highway repairs underway.

The Montana Department of Transportation (MVDOT) said it will begin work on repairing and relocating a bridge over the St. George River at the beginning of September.

“The St.

George River Bridge has been closed since January because of water retention in the riverbed, which has led to erosion and flooding in the bridge channel,” MVDOT spokesperson, Lisa Hagerty, said in a statement.

“The Department will begin the work to open the bridge as soon as the bridge is ready for repairs.”

A bridge repair audit has been scheduled for the beginning a week from Monday, September 15.

The bridge, which was built in 1885, was completed in 2009, according to the Montana Department Of Transportation.

The St George Bridge will reopen to traffic starting on Monday, Sept. 18.