India’s first roadside repair firm opens in Delhi – Times of India

New Delhi: India’s second-largest city, Delhi, has seen the arrival of a major road repair company that is opening in a new, sprawling, and modernised area.

A team of engineers from India’s Tata Road and Transport Ltd (TRT), which was founded in 2010, have been working on the new project for several months.

They said they were working with the Delhi government to finalise the plan for the project.TRT’s Delhi-based engineering division was set up in May 2016 and its team comprises five engineers from the company’s engineering department.

The team will work with the government to identify areas that are ready for road repair, said a senior engineer.TRTD has been building roads in the city since it was founded and it has been in continuous operation since 2014.

TRTD’s projects include constructing and repairing roads, bridges, roads with drainage, and roads with other infrastructure such as water supply.

The Delhi government has been working with TRTD since April last year to complete the first phase of the project, which involves widening and resurfacing about 6,000 km of road, the Delhi Municipal Corporation said in a statement.

The project involves adding a total of more than 5,000 new roads to the city.

TRT, which is also known as Tradeslabs, said in the statement that it has also worked on other projects including road safety improvements in the national capital.

The company said it has built a number of infrastructure projects, including roads in Delhi, which it has acquired.

TRTS works with the National Capital Territory Authority of India, the Department of Civil Aviation, the National Highways Authority of Singapore, the Indian Railways and several other public and private organisations.

TRTC is a joint venture between Tata and Tata Sons Ltd (TSL).TRTD’s team of seven engineers has been trained by Tata Motors India Pvt Ltd (TMAI) and has a total experience of 17 years, said an engineer who was not authorised to be named.TRTC has been operating in the capital since it started operations in 2016.

The Delhi government said the project is expected to be completed by 2021.