Bitumen road repairs are being done in order to protect public safety

A lot of work has been done to repair a major road in northeast Queensland, and it’s not going to be easy.

A number of roads have been damaged in the area over the past year, including the major NCDOT Road Repair in North Gippsland, which is now in a critical condition.

The Queensland Government has also declared a state of emergency, and is also trying to tackle the situation with help from local authorities and the Bureau of Meteorology.

“The state of Queensland is in a very, very serious position and we have declared a State of Emergency for all major road maintenance and repair operations,” Qld Transport Minister Darren Chester said.

“We will work with our local authorities to do whatever is necessary to protect the public safety.”

Qld Minister for Roads and Maritime Affairs, Darren Chester, speaks to reporters after a meeting with the Governor of the State of Queensland, Campbell Newman, in the Parliament House in Brisbane.

In this video, Mr Chester says the Government is “looking at all options to help our communities” as the state of the road repairs.

Mr Chester said the Government had put the road under a strict schedule of repair, and the state’s chief engineer, Professor Chris McIlroy, has been “working in a number of ways to ensure we have a safe and sound road”.

“The State of the Road has not been met in any way,” Mr Chester said in a statement.

“This is due to a number (of factors) and will continue to be a challenging task for the State Government.”

The Queensland Premier, Campbell “Bom” Newman, has said the State is “in a very serious situation” and the Government was “looking to do what’s best for the people of Queensland”.

“Our priority is to ensure that we are able to repair our roads and infrastructure as quickly as possible, which we are doing,” Mr Newman said.

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