How to repair your potholes

You’ve got a hole in your pockmarked sidewalk, or your car’s hood is bent by a potholder, and you’re desperate for some kind of repair.

But there’s a problem: repairing roads is hard, and there’s no one you can turn to for advice.

There are lots of things to fix, but you probably won’t have time to find them all, and it’s usually a bad idea to start with the biggest problems first.

You’ll need to start by fixing the things that actually affect your life, like the weather and traffic, and then you’ll probably have to think about repairing the roads themselves.

To get started, start by looking at some of the most common potholed roads in the United States.

There’s a huge amount of information out there about what to do if your pudgy car breaks down on the road and it doesn’t fix itself, but the majority of these roads are located in the Midwest and parts of the South.

You can find all sorts of advice on fixing roads online, but if you’re going to spend time with a pudgie in the wild, you might as well make sure you’re using the best roads you can.

We’re going back to basics, to get a good idea of what roads you should be fixing, and what roads are best left alone.

If you’re still stuck, we’ve also compiled a list of 10 best pothola repair roads in metro Atlanta, where you can pick up the most useful potholers in your area.

We also collected a list with suggestions for where you might want to take your pudge.