New road repair equipment in Victoria, New South Wales

New road repairs are coming to Australia as part of a national project to address the country’s chronic road transport crisis.

Key points:Road repair equipment is coming to New South Welsh and South AustraliaThe program will include 12,000km of roadsThe government says the cost of road repair is “unacceptably high” and is being addressed with road construction, repairs and upgrading.

“We are pleased to announce a $1.4 billion national road repair program that will be implemented over 12,500km of Australia’s roads over the next four years,” the government said in a statement.

The program is being implemented through the Commonwealth Infrastructure Investment Plan, a $12.5 billion program that is the largest infrastructure program in the country.

The National Highway Authority said the new infrastructure was the result of “urgent and urgent” national priorities.

“The new program will enable road and road repair companies to increase their investment in infrastructure and will also assist in reducing COVID-19 transmission costs,” the agency said.

“It will also deliver the largest number of road projects and deliver the greatest number of improvements in road quality and road safety in Australian history.”

Roads in the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Western South Australia and the Northern Territories will see road repairs and upgrades, with South Australia also adding road rehabilitation and maintenance.

The programs are being rolled out in the four states, including Western Australia and Queensland.

“This is a national program,” Victorian Roads Minister Andrew Constance said.”[Roads] have been very good and very busy for quite a while now and they are going to get a bit better, which is a good thing.”‘

The roads are going in the right direction’Roads Minister Andrew Connex said he was proud of the work being done.

“I’ve been involved in the infrastructure program from the very beginning,” Mr Connex told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“From the very first stage when we started, and then on to the last few weeks.”

People have been asking for these roads to be repaired, so this is a great opportunity for the government to help.

“The projects will include the 12,100km of new roads and 18,500 kilometres of repair.

Roads are expected to get better, but the amount of work required to do so is expected to increase over time.”

If we don’t get a project completed in two or three years, the roads are not going to be as good as they should be,” Mr Constance told ABC News Breakfast.”

What we need to do is ensure we have infrastructure that is capable of the kind of performance that the roads deserve and that is not just an infrastructure for people to go to work on a Friday morning.

“Mr Constance has previously indicated that the federal government would work with road contractors to increase the number of projects.”

All the roads that are being delivered by the government in the first phase of this project are expected by 2020 to be completed, and we’re not going anywhere,” Mr Conway said.

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