What you need to know about the new highway project in Michigan

A new state highway will be built in Michigan, but its going to be a long haul for motorists.

The state Department of Transportation says the new Interstate 80 between Detroit and Grand Rapids will be operational by 2019.

That means the project, which is being built to replace the aging I-75, will be open for only six years before it closes.

The new highway will cost $13 billion, and that’s more than double what the I-95 and I-76 have cost.

The state is estimating that it will be fully operational by 2025.

It’s the second time in less than two years that Michigan has taken a step toward opening the highway to motorist traffic.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has issued a waiver for I-84, which was built in 2002 to replace an aging bridge, in a bid to cut down on the amount of traffic that comes through.

That project was supposed to be open in 2020.

The new highway is part of the $1.9 billion $1 trillion Michigan Department, which also has a major highway project planned for the state.

The department is trying to build a new interstate that will eventually connect parts of the state and the Midwest.

The I-80 will be a new route for vehicles, but the department says it will connect parts and regions with more than 3,000 bridges, over 100,000 lanes, and more than 2 million feet of highway.

The highway will have an estimated annual operating cost of $8.9 million.

There are already signs that the state is making progress on the highway.

On Thursday, Gov.

Rick Snyder signed a bill allowing for the construction of a new bridge over the Michigan River that will connect the new bridge to the existing I-83 bridge.

It also allows the state to open an emergency bridge over Michigan’s east side and create an interstate in northern Michigan.

A new bridge will connect Grand Rapids to Detroit and to the east coast, but it will also have some major changes.

The new bridge won’t be as wide as the I.80, but will be about a mile shorter.

The bridge will be connected to I-85 with a new viaduct.

The viadicraft will be able to hold up to 3,400 cars, according to the Michigan Department.

That will allow the highway project to be done in two years.

The old bridge has been in use since the 1970s.