When the dust settles, the county road project in Tel Aviv is still the most expensive road project ever

By now, most of the roads in Israel are crumbling, but one of the countrys most expensive projects has only just begun to recover.

The county road projects are the result of a combination of a series of political and technical decisions made by the late Israeli President Shimon Peres.

The project was launched by the newly established National Highway Authority in the late 1980s and was meant to be the most modern road system in the country.

However, it has been plagued by problems since its inception.

Roads were damaged, roads were damaged and roads were destroyed.

The project was finally cancelled in 2004 due to the economic downturn and its cost was estimated at $6.7 billion.

As of this year, however, the project is still on track to be completed, with an estimated completion date of 2019.

Peres’ plans had to be modified to deal with the new reality, and to reduce costs.

A road repair project in Israel.

(Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)The first phase of the project in the Galilee region was supposed to begin in 2000, with a total cost of $4.6 billion.

The first road reconstruction project in 2000.

(Israel Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport via AP)The second phase of construction will take place in the north-eastern corner of the Galilea region, which includes parts of Nazareth, the settlement of Modi’in and the settlement communities of Nazira and Migron.

Construction of the third phase of roads in the same region will start in 2020.

The construction of the northern portion of the southern portion of a new highway in the northern part of the south-western section of a road in the western part of a highway in central Israel.(Yair Lapid/Reuters)The third phase is expected to be finished in 2021, with the first phase expected to cost $4 billion.

The final stretch of the 3,000 kilometer (1,300 mile) northern section of the Southern Highway, which runs through the northern towns of Nazir and Beit Shemesh.

The second, eastern portion of an existing road network, the southern section of which will link the northern Galilee to the towns of Beduin and Kiryat Gat.

A portion of construction work for the Southern Route in the eastern Galilee, which links the northern villages of Nazer and Be’er Sheva.

A section of construction for the southern segment of the new northern segment of a southern segment in central Tel Aviv.

Construction work on the new section of an old road in central Jerusalem.

(Photo by AFP via Getty Images)Construction of a portion of new road infrastructure in central Jordan.(Reuters/Ammar Awad)Construction work continues on a section of new roads connecting the southern part of Jerusalem to the West Bank.

Construction continues on new roads in Jerusalem, where construction work continues in the West Jerusalem section of Tel Aviv’s Old City.

Construction is still underway on the northern segment, which will connect the southern and northern parts of the city.

Construction in central East Jerusalem.

The northern portion is still under construction and will run from the West bank to the Gaza Strip.

A reconstruction section of roads and bridges in central Gaza.

The new northern section is expected for completion in 2020, with completion expected in 2021.

The southern segment will continue to be built in the south of Jerusalem, which is still plagued by traffic and construction problems.

A highway bridge in central Ramallah.

A bridge that connects the Israeli-controlled Palestinian territories to Gaza and Egypt.

Construction works are still underway in central Cairo.

The section of road infrastructure that will link Egypt to Gaza.

Construction on a new section in central Istanbul.

Construction has begun on a major new road in southern Turkey.

Construction continued in Istanbul, where the southern stretch of a major road has been built.

Construction was ongoing in Istanbul in the last few months.

Construction remains underway on a project that will connect Istanbul to the Mediterranean Sea, a major construction project in Turkey.

In the first months of 2019, a road reconstruction section in the northeastern part of Tel Tamar, in the heart of the Israeli settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim.

Construction will continue for the rest of 2019 on the southern road.

The work on a road between the western settlement of Migron and the Palestinian village of Beit El.

Construction continuing in central Hebron.

A stretch of road between a settlement and a Palestinian village in central West Bank, near the northern Jordan border.

Construction activity continued in Hebron in the second half of 2019 as part of plans to build a highway connecting the settlements of Be’ersheba and Kiryk Hatan.

Construction workers continued in the southern area of Hebron, where a road is under construction to connect the northern settlements of Nazaria and Ramleh to the southern settlements of Kiryak Hatan and Kiryeh.

Construction remained underway in the occupied West Bank and