270+ roads repaired in NY after Hurricane Florence

N.Y. (AP) Roads that had been flooded, washed away or razed during Hurricane Florence have been repaired or are nearing completion in New York, officials said Monday.

The Department of Transportation announced a total of 270 projects on Tuesday, including bridges, ramps, roads, bridges, bridges and other facilities.

The projects included flood restoration projects and repairing roads damaged by storm surge.

“The floodplain and storm surge protection measures we are announcing today are part of our efforts to help ensure New Yorkers can get home safely and safely recover,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement.

Officials also announced an additional $1.4 billion in federal grants and contracts for flood mitigation projects.

Federal funds for storm water management and storm water repair will be available for a total $1 billion in the coming years, including $750 million in FEMA funds and $600 million from the Department of Homeland Security.

The $1,500 grants will be used for projects to repair storm water and storm drain systems and infrastructure, the statement said.

The federal government is also working to ensure that all of the federal-state flood insurance programs remain viable for the long-term.