A road repair company in Australia is selling a bucket of dirt to repair roads in China

A road maintenance company in New South Wales has sold a bucket to China for road repairs, according to reports.

The company is the owner of the “Road Repair Bucket”, a bucket that is filled with a mix of dirt, sand and clay.

The bucket can be filled with sand or clay to help the road repair.

It costs $3,700 (AU$4,850).

In Australia, a bucket is called a “bucket” and costs around $1,000 (AU£1,800).

The bucket is not made in China, but is a custom product, which is made to order and shipped to Australia.

The website of the company claims the bucket is “made to order in Australia” and “made in the UK”.

However, it does not say where the bucket was made or how much it cost.

The Bucket has been described as “very effective” and has been used for road repair in China.

The report from The Australian also said the bucket could be used for repairs on roads in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

However, there is no evidence the bucket has been tested on roads.

It has also been described by a local newspaper as being “extremely flammable”.

The Australian said it was unclear whether the bucket had been damaged during the transport to Australia, or if it was being used in a different location.

The Australian has contacted the company for comment.

In the past, road repair companies have sold buckets to China.

A bucket from the company, called a Bucket, is filled up with dirt and sand to repair road in China.(ABC News: Daniel Whelan) In September, a company in China named “Kung Fu Repair” sold buckets filled with cement and gravel to Australia for repairs to roads.

In October, a Hong Kong road repair group was also selling buckets filled up in cement and sand.

It was reported that a company called “Roads Repair Basket” was selling buckets of cement and soil to China to repair highways in Beijing and other parts of the country.