How to repair your radio without a warranty

Repair your radio with no warranty.

It’s an easy and quick fix, and it doesn’t involve a lot of money.

You don’t even need a mechanic.

Read more The trick is in the parts.

The best way to repair a radio is to use an antenna.

You can find these on Amazon for about $30 or less.

For my test unit, I bought the $50 FiiO B6S-FQD4S-1.

It comes with an antenna that comes with a USB cable and a 10-foot extension cord.

This antenna also comes with some wiring instructions and a little tutorial on how to use the antenna.

It takes about five minutes to get started.

After you get the antenna up and running, the easiest way to fix your radio is by replacing the battery.

First, remove the battery cover.

You’ll need to cut out the top, bottom, and middle of the battery, and replace it with a new battery.

(For a quick tutorial on what to do if you don’t have a battery, click here .)

Then, replace the battery with the one you just bought.

The reason I didn’t buy a new one is that I only had one left.

If you don, or if you already have a spare battery, you can still use the one that came with the antenna, but the new one will be cheaper.

Once you have the battery and antenna up, you’ll need some wire to connect the battery to the antenna (a piece of 3/8-inch pipe will do).

The instructions say to put a piece of wire on the battery connector to keep the battery from rattling, but you could just use a piece from a cigarette lighter to do this.

The battery cable will be on the outside of the antenna and will have a hole cut in it so that it will fit in the battery socket.

Now, plug the new battery into the antenna connector and connect the wires that you just removed from the battery back into the new antenna.

I don’t recommend doing this if you have any other wiring on the antenna besides the battery cable.

You could still use that, but I would recommend removing the battery wire and replacing it with the new cable.

I would also recommend doing the same thing for the other wires.

If you’re using a power strip, make sure you remove the wires from the wires and connect them to the battery again.

If all else fails, just leave the wires alone.

You can find a nice DIY video showing how to do all this with an Fiio B6F-S2-S1 antenna, here.

With that done, you should be able to plug in your new battery and connect it to the radio.

Next, you need to replace the antenna wire.

If it was damaged, you could replace it by hand, but if it wasn’t, you will need to remove it and reattach it.

Follow the instructions for the instructions on the back of the radio, and then reconnect the antenna to the receiver.

If your radio still has wires sticking out of it, just remove them and reconnect them.

If the antenna doesn’t have wires sticking to it, you might have to get an expert to get them out.

There are also instructions on how much you can charge the antenna by using a cord or a battery.

If using a battery instead of a cord, make a note of the charging rate for the battery you bought.

Then, you just need to charge the battery as normal.

And that’s it!

You can connect your radio to your TV, your smartphone, your tablet, and most likely your other devices as well.

That’s all there is to it.

No more wiring to worry about!

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