Why you need to check your road repair plans before you buy new car

The government is considering making changes to the way it calculates road repairs, following a series of road deaths involving road workers.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said it was looking at how to reduce the amount of road repairs a worker does at the end of their shift.

It said it wanted to make road repairs more predictable, and would look at whether the process could be automated.

It also said it would look into making the road repair work less complex, so it was easier for the worker to do it safely.

It has been revealed that there have been a number of fatal road accidents in the past five years involving workers, with two of them being on road repair crews.

The first fatality involved a man driving on a three-lane motorway when a tractor-trailer drove into him from behind.

The man died in hospital.

The second was in May this year when a man died when he was hit by a tractor driven by a worker who was working on a new road on the A64 near Taunton, West Sussex.