Road repair cracks widen in eastern Ontario

A new road repair crack that widened last week in southwestern Ontario has widened another two kilometres, and investigators are asking motorists to be cautious in the area.

The provincial government has said the road is in “critical condition,” but the new crack is just four kilometres north of the one last seen in early May.

The province says it will work to repair the new road, which will cost about $200,000.

“This is not a minor repair,” said Ontario Road Safety Program chief inspector John MacKinnon.

“It is a major repair that needs to be done.”

He said the crack in the road was located in the eastbound lanes of Highway 11, just south of the town of Pembina Highway.

“The repair is expected to take up to four weeks, and we anticipate that we’ll have a good assessment of the damage done by the work that’s been done,” MacKinnas told reporters in Toronto on Thursday.

The crack has already been patched and there have been no injuries, he said.

“We know it’s not going to be easy, but I think people are very, very concerned,” he said of the road.

“I think people should be cautious.”

In early May, MacKennas said a second crack appeared in a similar location on Highway 11 and was “progressively repaired.”

The road was closed for several hours while crews worked to repair it, but by the end of the week, it was reopened.

He said this week’s road repair was the worst that has occurred in the province in recent memory.

“Right now, it’s the worst road repair we’ve had in this province in a long time,” MacKennas said.

A highway maintenance company will be inspecting the crack, he added.

MacKimmons said the provincial government is asking people to take precautions.

“In the interest of safety and to keep our roads safe, we ask drivers to be extra cautious around these areas and wear your seat belt when you’re on these roads,” he wrote in an email.

“Always check signs and look out for vehicles.

Be extra careful on these important areas and take extra precautions when you are out on the roads.”