Auckland road repair costs rising in Auckland

The cost of repairs on Auckland’s major roads is set to increase as more infrastructure upgrades are being built, according to an analysis of the city’s roads by AFR.

Key points:Roads across the Auckland CBD are expected to see more major projects over the next five yearsThe City of Auckland has spent $4.8 billion on major road repairs since 2010The City’s roads will continue to be upgraded for at least another decadeThe Auckland Council has spent almost $4 billion on roads since 2010 to maintain Auckland’s roads, including $3.5 billion in the first two years of this financial year.

The city’s main roads have been repaired since the start of the financial year and the council has also made the $3 billion in capital investment for major roads and other infrastructure projects.

While it is expected the city will continue its infrastructure investments, the council said that the current investment has not kept pace with inflation and that the road maintenance budget would be at risk if the budget did not increase.

Auckland Council roads to be maintained at a high level, chief executive Mike Suckling said.

“The road repair budget is going up, but we know that if the capital expenditure goes up, we’re not going to have a road in place that’s going to be adequate for the future,” he said.

“We need to be maintaining our roads at the highest levels we can, which means spending more money on repairs and maintenance.”

The Auckland Regional Transport Agency has also seen a major investment in roads this financial century.

In the first half of this year, the RTA made $2.5 million in capital investments to maintain its roads.

It also invested $2 million to restore the Koori River crossing, which will be upgraded in 2021.

RTA chief executive John Riddell said that while the RWA was pleased to see the City invest in road maintenance, it needed to do more to keep the road in good shape.

Mr Riddedell said it was important to maintain the infrastructure that was already there to keep roads safe.

However, he also warned that Auckland’s road maintenance costs were rising.

Over the next decade, the cost of major road repair projects in Auckland will increase by about $5 million per year, according the analysis by the AFR, which analysed road maintenance budgets across Auckland.

Roads are the most commonly repaired on the city, with repairs at key intersections including the Wellington-Herald and Auckland Bridge roads and on the southern suburbs of Auckland.

The analysis also showed that roads in the city were the most frequently damaged in the next 10 years, with major repairs costing about $1.5 per mile and major road closures costing about half that.

City council’s roads are also expected to continue to get more major infrastructure projects built.

More major road projects are expected over the coming years, including major road and street improvements, the replacement of damaged road infrastructure, major upgrades to the Arundel Street Bridge and the replacement and repair of damaged bridges around the city.

But the AASB also said that in addition to the capital investment, the city would be spending $2 billion a year on road maintenance for at most another decade.

These projects include:  New Auckland Roads (National Capital Region)