New car-rental service launches in Japan

New car rental service has launched in Japan. オン・コメ・リートは入りに行くのを同じ、サイトデートが探側設定、日本の表示で過ごす。The rental service for the Nissan Leaf, the first electric vehicle to reach Japan, has been launched.

Nissan Leaf, Nissan’s electric car.

It was announced last month by Nissan Leaf’s founder and CEO, Tsutomu Sugimoto, at the International Auto Show in Los Angeles, CA. 

Nasa Leaf, an electric car, will be available from July 2021.

The service will provide customers with the option to rent a Nissan Leaf from Nissan’s own Nissan Land Vehicle (NVE), an exclusive network of rental vehicles, and its Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

(NMLC) Land Vehicle rental vehicle fleet.

 The rental option will include all the features that are offered in the Nissan LEAF.

“Nissan LEAF is the world’s first electric car with zero emission, a fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly car,” said Sugimoto.

“Its battery-powered, 100 kWh battery will last about 60,000 miles (about 100,000 kilometers) before needing to be replaced.

Nissan LEAVE is also the world, the only electric car that is able to recharge its battery in under 10 minutes.

Its energy-efficient performance and convenience is something that everyone can appreciate.”

The Nissan LEVE is available to lease from Nissan Land Vehicles at a cost of ¥15,000 per month, or ¥3,400 per year.

The NVE is a network of Nissan Land vehicles that provides rental vehicles for Nissan’s rental fleet.

It offers a full range of services including rental car financing, rental car repairs, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and more.

Currently, Nissan Land Enterprises, Inc., the joint venture between Nissan Land and NCEI (Japan’s National Electric Vehicle Authority), has a fleet of nearly 800 rental vehicles in Japan, which is larger than the current fleet of 2,000 Nissan LEAs.

To date, Nissan has more than 25,000 LEAs in operation across Japan.

About Nissan MotorCo., Ltd.: Nissan Motor Corp. (NYSE: NTDOY) is a global car and parts company that manufactures and sells automobiles, light trucks, parts, batteries, and energy-saving products.

The company’s brands include Nissan, Leaf, NISMO, and Acura.

Nissan has established global automotive brands in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, and Korea.

Nissan and Acurias worldwide headquarters are in Tokyo. 

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