Why is the Mudgeeraba highway repair plan so controversial?

The plan, which was presented in January by the Government to the Murnavrajwala District Municipality (MDM), will see a number of roads across the Muddleupara District reopened to traffic and allow drivers to cross over into the neighbouring community of Daruguranga for a period of three weeks.

The Mudgearab Road will be reopened from Thursday until mid-March and will also be used for motorway driving between Daruguri and Mudgee.

However, the Government is not giving the community any guarantee that they will be able to cross into the Muddupara district.

“We have not been given any assurance on the MUD Road’s safety and it is unclear whether it will be safe,” MDM Minister K J Raju said in a statement.

Mr Raju also said he was seeking more information on the plans of the MUMCO-Mud Road repair project and how the project will be implemented in Daruguru.

He also expressed concerns over the fact that the MDM had no input into the plans.

‘No choice’MUD road repair plan, announced in January, was to see a series of roads reopen to traffic in Daru and Muddle, and was intended to create a “pathway” through Daruguda to connect Muddupsarabura with Mudgeuranga.

In a statement, the MDMA said it would seek information on a number or the locations of road closures.

MDM Minister Raju told the ABC it was “a difficult decision” to reopen roads, but it was a “very positive step”.

“There are two major issues,” he said.

Both the communities have been suffering from a high rate of road accidents.

When the MDMs plan was announced, Darugudu was also worried about the toll on the roads.

Ms Raju confirmed that they had received a call from the community on Thursday morning informing them that they would be able access the roads, which would be open to traffic.

She said the community was given an opportunity to cross the Mud Road to Darugudi, which had not been closed to traffic for some time.

They were then given a deadline of the day to cross and was to return to Daru, Ms Raju added.

DARUGURU: Darugurs ‘most dangerous’ road, with 2,000 accidents a year Source: ABC News Network Mr Jukic, who was also in the MUTD project delegation, said it was important that the communities were given an assurance.

Darugurudu is known as “The Most Dangerous Road in the Country” because of a high number of accidents.

According to data from the Ministry of Transport and Highways, the number of road traffic accidents across the region has climbed by more than 2,200 per cent since 2000.

Drivers in Darupururu and Darugunuru are at greater risk of being injured or killed because of road crashes than the other communities.

Road safety expert Dr Kishore Singh said it is critical that the community were given a chance to cross in the first place.

“If we are to really improve road safety, the people need to be allowed to cross safely,” he told ABC Radio.

We are all at risk of road fatalities every year, Dr Singh said.

The MDM said that they were seeking more details from the MD’s and MUDs road safety partners about the plan.

Earlier this week, the MURMs head of road safety Dr M.S. Guddu said he had asked the MD to make a statement in favour of the plan, saying that the plan was “extremely important”.

“There was a discussion about it and we have discussed it with MDs [Road Safety Officials],” Dr Gudde said.

Dr Gudddes statement was met with confusion and ridicule on social media.

“Why do you want to reopen Mudduduranga road?

Its one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

If its closed then why do you need to open it?” one user wrote on the Facebook page of the Daru MURM.

Another user asked whether they were going to reopen the Muthuranga Road or the Darupuru Road, and were “going to reopen Darugundu Road”.

“No choice.

Its going to be closed until they can make a decision,” another posted.

Many people have taken to Twitter to voice their concern about the MMDs decision to reopen a road, which has been closed for over 20 years.

“I have seen hundreds of people come to Darududu on foot to get a ride, but this road is closed.

They should reopen it,” one user posted.

The MURMC had announced