How much does a $3.9M repair cost?

A $3,000 repair bill for a $1.5 million Galveston Road highway replacement project has left a homeowner in the dark about how much it will cost, as the city’s Department of Transportation is now in negotiations with the company that was responsible for the project.

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution calling on the agency to work with the City Engineer to ensure that the repairs are not retroactively imposed.

It added that the City should not assume the responsibility of paying for the repair as a result of the work being done by the contractor, J-Bay Engineering Services, which was contracted by the city.

The city’s transportation department is now working with J-bay Engineering Services to determine the estimated cost of the project, said a statement issued Tuesday by the mayor’s office.

J-Bay, which is located in San Jose, California, is a subsidiary of the Bay Area Infrastructure Company, a contractor based in San Mateo, California.

The company was hired by the City of Galvestou, which also has a contract with the city for the same project, to do the repairs.

City Engineer Steve DeBruyn said last week that he did not know how much J-Bays cost.

The City of San Jose is seeking reimbursement from J- Bay for the cost of J- bay’s work on the project and for any costs incurred by the contractors, DeBussher said.

DeBusshers department said it will seek reimbursement from the City, and it is also asking the city to provide a copy of its contract with JBays.

DeBüers spokesman, Kevin McDaniel, said that it is unclear how much the City is reimbursing the contractor.

“It’s a pretty standard contract, which requires that the city reimburse the contractor if they do not provide the full amount that the contractor was obligated to pay,” he said.

“The City is in the process of reviewing the contract and the City’s request for reimbursement.”

DeBruys statement said the City has not been reimbursed for the costs that were incurred by J-bays, and that the department is seeking a reimbursement of the total amount of the contract.