NJ: The Best States to Drive In for a Big-Time Car Repair

New Jersey is one of the safest states in America.

That’s because it’s also the one where car repairs are cheap.

Here are five ways to spend a few bucks on car repair in New Jersey.


Get a free car repair.

The state has an “all-access” car repair program that allows car owners to pay up to $600 for the best repair on their vehicle.

But if you’re a bit strapped for cash, there’s also a $100-per-hour car repair for residents who are looking to get their fix on their own.


Get free gas.

The gas station on the corner of the New York Avenue Bridge in Camden is a popular destination for people looking to make repairs.

There are a couple of car repairs that can be done online, like replacing tires, but the best option is to rent a mechanic for around $200 per hour, says Jennifer Beall, senior director of media for the Camden-based company Car and Driver.


Take a look at a car.

The best places to check out your new car are on public transportation, which means the roads are also a good place to take a break, says Beall.

A nice place to see the new car is the Camden Transportation Center, a public transit hub in Camden.

The center has an on-street parking lot, a bike rack and plenty of street furniture to take in a relaxing break.


Find a place to eat.

There’s a ton of good restaurants in Camden, but there are also plenty of eateries tucked away in the city.

The city’s famous Chinatown is a good spot to eat, especially if you want to save some money and find some good food, says Dannemarie Ritter, who’s lived in Camden for eight years and has been eating at the Chow Kai-Shek in the Chinatown for the last year.


Get to know the local community.

Camden’s most famous neighborhood is known for its restaurants, but you won’t find many locals working at the restaurants.

“We are a great community, but it’s still a little bit different from New York, where you know everything,” Ritter says.