How to avoid road damage in southern French city

A French road repair team is tackling a series of road incidents that have left residents of the town of Penndot Road in southern France with “an extremely dangerous situation”.

The roads are badly damaged by flooding and the team of engineers are working with local officials to address the issues.

One of the most serious incidents has been a car crash which killed one man and injured two.

In a video released on Wednesday, a man can be seen lying on the road after the accident, where he has suffered a broken arm and knee.

The man was also seriously injured.

“The accident happened on the main road that goes between the town and the city of Pennedot, and it’s a very dangerous situation,” a spokesman for the road repair company said.

“There are very bad weather conditions and the road is very dangerous.”

A group of drivers also suffered injuries in the incident.

The car that caused the accident is seen in the footage, with its lights flashing in the background.

According to the company, the driver of the vehicle has not been identified.