How to fix a $50K watermain in your house

A $50,000 watermain repair bill on your house may have been the result of a “false alarm” that you’re not using your water system properly, a repair company has claimed.

The repair company, Quikrete, has issued a recall on the house’s watermain after receiving an email from a homeowner in Sydney, NSW.

The message said the watermain was leaking and needed to be fixed because it was leaking on a house in the suburb of Tullamarine.

In a statement on its website, Quidrete said the house in question had “never been treated for water leaks before”.

“Our company is committed to providing high-quality repairs to our customers and our staff,” the company said.

“The message contained in the email was a false alarm and we have not received a single bill in the last 24 hours from this household.”

“We’ve now issued a voluntary recall and will be sending out notices to all our customers in the affected area.

We will also be contacting owners of properties in the same area to advise them that repairs will be undertaken.”

Quikrete said it had been contacted by more than 100 homeowners in the NSW area.

“We are continuing to assess the situation and are continuing our investigation into the incident,” it said.

It said the company would provide “support and advice” to customers in other parts of the state.

“Our customer service team has been contacted for further comment,” it added.

“Please contact us if you are affected by this incident.”

Tullamaran-based Quikete said the problem was the result, in part, of faulty water treatment.

“Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any reports of damage to the water system, which is the main cause of this issue,” it wrote.

“At this stage, it’s not known whether the water treatment is faulty or not.”

There’s no evidence of anything wrong with the water in the system.

“The company said it would be “working with the homeowner to determine the cause of the problem and repair it”.”

We’re currently working with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to ensure the water is treated and treated properly,” it told Business Insider.

The watermain problem in Sydney’s CBD comes at a time when the country’s housing market is in turmoil and affordability is on the decline.

Watermain repairs have long been a big part of the market, but they’ve increasingly become a cause of concern in recent years.

In January, Australia’s national body for homeowners’ association members called for more stringent standards for home repairs.

In July, the government ordered the state’s water supply to be tested for leaks, and in November it passed new rules for water treatment to ensure there were no unsafe leaks.

More:In a report earlier this year, The Australian Financial Review said a “fatal mix-up” at the Tullambar Water Treatment Plant (TTP) in the city of Adelaide caused millions of litres of water to leak into a nearby creek.

The leak was initially estimated to have cost $2.6 million but was later estimated to cost more than $7 million.

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