Newton Road repair and road auto repair to be available in Beijing this month

Roads are being repaired in Beijing, and new roads will be opened up in several other cities to ease congestion and improve air quality, according to the China Roads and Transport Bureau (CNTRB).

Drivers will be able to use a variety of methods to repair damaged or malfunctioning road signs, including using a paintbrush and sandpaper, and using specialised sandpaper or brushes.

They can also apply the sandpaper to the roads, which will be covered with plastic to reduce any damage to the road surface.

Vehicles will be allowed to stop at roadside signs to inspect the condition of the road and other signs, and they will be permitted to use hand-held tools to inspect road surfaces and other road infrastructure, according the CNTRB.

The bureau says the bureau will offer information on road repairs and road maintenance through the Beijing Transport Safety Center.

In recent years, Beijing has undergone a series of road construction projects, including an extensive network of roads built under the Beijing Metro.

Roads are being maintained at an average speed of 45kmph (26mph), the bureau said, adding that the road network will be expanded in the coming months.