When you’re stuck in traffic, how do you fix a stuck-up road?

A couple days ago, I was stuck on a road in North Carolina.

I was driving in the city, and there were no signs of construction, so I pulled into the driveway and waited for the traffic light to change.

The traffic light was on, and I was on my way to my house.

But it was too late.

It was almost a mile away.

When I arrived, I couldn’t get my car to stop, so the vehicle had to be towed.

My car was stuck.

I thought, this isn’t fair.

And I started to drive away, but as I drove away, I could tell I wasn’t safe.

I drove around and eventually came to a stop on a gravel road.

I told the driver to stop and get out.

He didn’t listen.

So I put the car in gear and drove around to my car.

But the driver was still there.

He was stuck in the car.

He couldn’t move.

I tried to get him out.

I called 911.

I asked, What are you going to do?

He said, We’re going to take the car and drive away.

I said, How long is it going to be?

He just looked at me, said, It’s going to keep going, I guess.

Then he turned the steering wheel, went to the side of the road, and started to pull the car out.

And as he was pulling the car, he started to throw it off the road.

Then, the vehicle came back.

He said that he thought I was going to die.

I don’t think I’m going to live to see the end of it.

I think it will be more like three years.

But he has to pay the bill.

I haven’t even paid the parking ticket.

He’s not paying for the insurance either.

So the next time I have to pay for the parking tickets, I’m just going to call him.