Which roads in MDT will be repaired this year?

The Maryland Department of Transportation is working to replace more than 2,500 bridges across the state, but many roads are not in good shape, and that could make it more difficult for the department to find repairs.

In the past two years, the state has had to replace nearly 300 bridges, according to a report by the Maryland Department to the General Assembly.

And more than 4,000 bridges have been closed or badly damaged.

Some of those bridges are the most popular, according with the report:The Baltimore-Washington Parkway, for example, was closed to vehicles between July and September because of corrosion in the road’s steel panels, which are used to anchor the roadway.

The Parkway has been closed for more than a year, and the Maryland Transportation Department said that in 2016, about 1,400 people were injured and one person died.

In another bridge, the Baltimore-Rockville Parkway, about 30 miles north of Baltimore, was severely damaged in 2016 after a tree fell on a road bridge that spans the Potomac River.

The Department of Public Works has said that it’s looking into whether the bridge could be repaired and reopened.

In Montgomery County, there are also more than 500 bridges that have been damaged or destroyed, according the report.

That includes several bridges over the Maryland Turnpike in Prince George’s County, which have been repaired and are expected to be reopened this summer.